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July 24
• Edited (Jul 24, 2024)

Lil Zane Interview drops tonight enjoy winos… see yall on Friday night live for some good ole Phuckery Friday!!!🥂🥂🥂

July 24

Stop playing with Tasha k!!! Winos Let's lift the glass for Sean Davie Way he came with the receipts 🥂🥂🥂go hit that like button for STORMESHA 😂😂😂

July 23

Love me some Tasha k !!

July 23

Wonderful time at Tasha k show


Now wait a dayum minute lmaoo who else Knew GhostFace Killa had a LGBTQ+ Son in the music industry

July 23

I want to once again thank Mr Kebi for following up and handling a situation that I had been battling with for a while but I just remained quiet, patient, resilience etc..... AND I'M BACK 🥰🥰 and the wait was worth it.
I am a day one #WINO --- when Tasha was filming with the mattress on the floor & her iPhone.
Oh yeah !!!!! Houston we have a problems on our hands (not that one 🤣) and I am so excited and will be purchasing my tickets it's just to decide if I'm staying one night or two nights which I owe myself two nights just to get out of the house but then again Houston is really not a spot that I care for, but I'm opening up my mind so that I can enjoy it this weekend that I'm so deserving of.

Tamala Randle-Williams

April 10

Congrats to TashaK….! 🍷🍷🍷🍷
A women making her own way.
Inspirational…!! Period. 💪🏾


The “Super Size Me” guy died….!!!! At 53…!!! Morgan Spurlock
He barely started his middle age. 😞
Anyone ever felt bad about aging don’t. Aging is a legit blessing. 53 years is way too young 😞🙏🏽.

February 29

Wendy Williams documentary had me like 🚩🚩😤. 💔

February 29

When you have homework because your kids got homework….😩 ….. “Take a break when? How? “ 🐝