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May 19

apology not accepted sir ... in the words of Celie, ""Until you do right by me, everything you think about is going to crumble."


They are aware of the sound issue, give them a sec! The show will start shortly

May 17

Here the video of Diddy’s Freak Off Worker! Fast Forward to the end! 🥂


Diddy- The Black Jeffery Ep...


Your stuff on the culture station about soulja

When they have nothing on you they talk about your kids!! Tasha you about to drive cussing pastor to his grave! He’s up & responded 🍷

May 12
• Edited (May 12, 2024)

Happy Mothers Day to Meeee‼️💋🥂🙏 These are the funky house dresses that I parent in with NO BRA on, 80 percent of the days!!!🤣

May 15

I love y’all! 💋🥂

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My oldest son at prom

May 12
• Edited (May 12, 2024)
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I had to wish you a separate Happy Mother's Day from me to you. I will ALWAYS ride for you and you know why. Thank you for being the person you are. You are a special lady and you will always hold a very special place in my heart. I know it's hard to be away from your baby today, but rest in knowing he's with family and loved while you're being Supermom over here. Enjoy your day and have a great show later. Love ya! 💞🙏🏽🍷
P.S. This is the newest Wino in my house. Yes I'm starting them early. lol. This is my grandson that I helped deliver 4 weeks ago yesterday and he said tell you, " Hey my Wino auntie!!"