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February 23

Coming soon,


My fellow Winos, it’s Pisces season! I’ll be 41 tomorrow! 03/01. Wish yo boy a Happy Birthday!
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Let’s get it, IM OUT!

September 18, 2022
February 28

The look on my face the ENTIRE interview! 😂 😂

February 28

I got my tickets to the Raleigh,NC show. My daughter bought them. I told her if she didn’t buy me tickets I would disown her. I guess my bluff worked.

February 29

Yaaaasss! I think they all brought their authentic energy. They seemed more comfortable this go round! Loved it 🍷🍷🍷

February 26
• Edited (Feb 26, 2024)

I pretty much blew my whole Sunday messing around with this Storytime 😩. But, the story was well told. TiK Tok Trending #Reesamteesa🍍8 Hours 😩.


Wine is the new tea

I appreciate you sticking new talent out there and some of the talent that is actually more seasoned at delivering quality content. These personalities aren’t blending well enough to keep my attention span at all. It’s usually 2 out of 3 and sometimes only 1 out of 3. I usually could do without the other 2. Why does it always have to be 3? You can tell sometimes that these personalities don’t realistically want to even be on with their colleagues.

Who ever is selecting them to be together and perhaps it’s random draws, these personalities aren’t blending well at all for me and I’ve been disappointed in the mixtures. I can watch Bondy Blue and Nyla alone depending on what they’re covering. These are stronger content creators. Can we get the stronger content creators paired up by themselves and these content creators that are new and all over the place put together instead of these mixtures we are currently getting?

Nobody likes a catch all bag or haphazardly blended batch of loose leaf tea! It taste nasty! 🤢

February 29

When you have homework because your kids got homework….😩 ….. “Take a break when? How? “ 🐝

February 28
• Edited (Feb 28, 2024)

Summer Bunni 😂
Tasha sitting through Summer Bunni and that lady from Hustle and Flow, singing with a straight face is top tier work! 😂🤣😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😂🤣😂🤣👌🏾