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July 11

Who is this??

July 08

Wow I need to be late lol

July 17

Coming up

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@ The last Miami show w Tasha! Awesome Event 4 sure. We love u TASHA!!! @tashak

January 22, 2023

Just preped all my smoothies for the next few days. Freez them so it's easier for me to bring to work

July 16

We Got Her Winos🥂 She done put #GypsyRoseBlanchard all the way on blast‼️😫🙈 Get Ready to Load Up Them Wine Glasses! Stay Tuned‼️
She & her husband say they ain’t NEVA Scared‼️🥷


And Boston we pulling up this Saturday July 20th, at The City Winery! We got some tickets left. Get them before they are gone! Link in BiO or head to my website

New York City We Turning Up on Sunday July 21st! 🥂🥂

July 14
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2024 Orlando and 2023 Miami
Florida Girls! 🍷🍷

Which one Tasha. The German made or the other bottle that was picked up on a train ride to France 🇫🇷 😋

July 14

We don't play about Tasha k Baby!!!!!

July 16

Tasha. I grew up in Boston and consider myself a Bostonian. If you want amazing seafood these are 2 places I would go to often. Neptune Oyster, in the North End. Get a triton platter. My friend, a millionaire, was a co owner. The owners name is Jeff. if he’s there say you know Jim Gass, Esq. also go to Turners in salem. That’s where i grew up. Turners has amazing seafood. see Donnie and sit at the oyster bar. tell him erica said hello and show him this picture if he’s there. turners is where alexander graham bell made the first telephone call so it’s historic as well. have fun in my city. I love you Tasha. keep shining bright like a diamond. ♥️♥️♥️