January 19

My Sincere apologies! I really did not anticipate missing any shows at all. After I did my live on Wednesday night. I woke up the next day and my bottom lip was swollen. I canceled all my interviews and hoped that today I would be fine. I took Benadryl all night and day and was even sleepy as hell in hair salon when I made the video canceling the shows for tonight. Forgive me as I forgot to post here. I made sure the team posted everywhere but we all forgot about here. Next time yall will always be the first to know! I’m much better, just a little groggy! But I miss work and I need to work! Monday we good! Y’all are getting Phuckery Friday. Now I’m headed to Atlanta for interviews. I will be posting pictures all weekend on TashaKLive.com only! I love y’all! And again. I’m outta excuses, this is just life at this point.. oh and on Monday. We will be collecting bail money for Cheick and I! 🤣😩🥂