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Pamela Gaines


Aug 22 at 04:08 PM

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Eva out and about. Tasha was right she’s very thin.

Tasha didn’t attack she ask her direct questions and they were to hard for here to answer


I agree 100% read my earlier post. I think tasha is fuq up. People are saying this was a great interview, no it wasn’t, TK was exaggerating some facts for a laugh.


Jennifer Brown he wasn’t funny at all, I thought he was disrespectful. I grew up where men didn’t talk like that around women and he wasn’t just cussing he was being vulgar 

Is this a old interview? I’m wondering why she’s bringing up porsha and Juanita Bynum.
Dirty old asz man😡 don’t he have a whole wife and I guess he thinks it’s ok to say how he cheated on his wife. Tasha must have had some weed before this interview