Connie Mac


Apr 02 at 06:55 PM

Good evening my fellow wine o gang... First of all, I would like to point out how TK has been all over s. combs since she come out!!!! Secondly as a latina appreciate her calling her sister- in- law out cause she has still yet to bring awareness, start charities or college funding of any sorts for the community latina community, except for promote hwr former lifestyle and glamorose it.

And last but not least back to the sean Cobms Issue TK Has been trying To inform us and make us Aware of what Goes on behind the closed doors in hollywood. Shout out to my girl Tasha K. And I been # ing All this new wine thats coming to light With #Wino gang!!!!!!

Thank you TK for always being transparent and speaking your truth one ,O. G!!!!

Tasha can u please talk to us about this, and how you felt during this interview?


This what happens when the pills hit!!!! My ga honey them pills hit right in the middle of the interview. When she grows up and sees this she will be so embarrassed of this.


Look at my girl growing up and coming into her womanhood...I have always like H.E.


Hummm just wanted to ask your opinion and why you feel this way? NO HATE!!! Just really asking