Girl Jordan

Nah 🤦🏽‍♀️ no Nipsey slander cmon TashaK he dead and gone now. Niggas cheat everyday he wasn’t claiming nobody else but Lauren. And your pro white-republican shit is killliiinnggg meee lol 😩cut it out 😭

Tasha said “40?!😳🧐Nicole are you home” 😂🤣😂🫠🍷🍷


Daaaamn B5 had a moment!! My son and I have that one hit on our playlist where they did the video in the bus at the school! Diddy ain’t shit


Now Tasha 😒 that Akbar V and this Desantis coverage workin my nerve. They still have lab grown meat in Florida and requiring folks take down their natural orange/fruit trees. You’re way smarter than this…perpetratin like the white wine you reporting on ma’am! He didn’t take out Jewish books! My niece be learnin bout the holocaust and all that THIS school year 🤦🏽‍♀️I love you but this wasn’t it for me

Kierra a fun hoe!! 🤣🍷🍷 I fuck wit her!! 🍷🍷

May 02 at 03:49 PM

TK gets it lmaoo He answered all the relationship questions eventually 😂🤣🍷🍷won’t she do it! 😂🤣🍷🍷only one he didn’t wanna answer was the gay shit. But he elaborated a lil bit at the end 😭 I can’t believe I’m watchin this 🍷😂these mfs need to be thankin TK the way she platform these folks. I had no idea bout none of this 😂🍷🍷


May 02 at 03:43 PM

When Tasha crossed her legs when he said “he know that pussy good”🤝🏽🤣😂🍷🍷 this Nigga ain’t shit!


I like Tenakey lol just shitty and transparent…bein her back. We gotta get her and Dime right 🍷

🥂🥂This interview is insaaaaanely good!! Thank you so much Liz for comin thru the Wine Cellar!! I gotta find her documentaries and books! She should release them over here on the app!

Shoutout TK on a rolllll!! 🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷