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Girl Jordan

TashaK face this whole interview and her line of questioning is hilarious 😂😭 this woman and that man behind bars lyin! I’m ready for Nylah Says part 2 to piece this up! 🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷

TashaK is such a relatable interviewer she be makin a comfortable atmosphere and the guest just diarrhea out the mouth 🍷🍷

Aaron Hall is proof them R&B singers is hell 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ talkn bout “you wanna go to Dubai, bitch close ya eyes and we anywhere” GOTDAMN 🤣


TI and King: that poor kid is tired of his perpetrating ass parents! TI is an awful father just based off what I’ve seen about Zonnique virginity check, his sick past, keeping the kids only for filming then got rid of those mfs for orgies as soon as filming stopped. Imma pray for King cause he been screaming out for help..he dnt have no outlet or support.

Steve Harvey: now dnt he know every man that shouts out his wife at an award ceremony amid rumors is always a tell sign rumors is true. Example: Will, P Diddy, TI, etc…..🤦🏽‍♀️



Nov 26 at 10:38 PM

TashaK hosting that DejaVu 2 Reunion was the best raw Tv I done seen in a minute. 😂no one could’ve been prepared for what that CasaMigos was bouta do 😂👑👑👑🍷🍷🤝🏽

Nov 18 at 09:27 PM

The way TashaK has collaborated with NowThatsTv and their stars is everything I needed! See bc both of em my guilty pleasure 🍷🥊🤭


Commented on Tasha k & BONDY BLUE

Nov 18 at 09:21 PM

Yes!! That’s definitely needed!! 🍷💙