Sipping Fiji instead of wine


Apr 17 at 11:54 PM

The African origins of Tilapia a very invasive and now overly farmed fish.

I don’t personally like tilapia unless it’s grilled or fried by continental Africans with some sort of pepper sauce and onion sauce.

I thought it was a man made fish until I went to Egypt and found out it’s actually very real and well recorded as always having been a sustainable food in many Africans diets.

Apr 10 at 07:18 AM

Harpo who dis woman?!

Apr 05 at 11:35 PM

I’m finna make this trip because I want the classic wine bottle since the TSA made me pour out my wine from the very first show in GA!

Apr 03 at 05:52 PM

Akademiks has said that Adam told him it was but he’s also a DL gremlin

Apr 02 at 09:57 AM

She’s so fine I’ll watch her spin in the chair in pure silence lol

Apr 02 at 09:54 AM

She did but Cyn G called this a very long time ago


That FLASH from the photo of the leprechaun to bareback mountain!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣💀


I was thinking because of their controversial spin probably Cyn won’t mix on the app and definitely not with wine is the new tea because she’s mostly thought provoking and only spills some wine occasionally. Her views also clash with Tasha’s sometimes and some winos are dense. If Tasha adds Cyn G for Cyn Gs asking price Id be shocked but definitely tuned in! I’d also be tuned in as they used to be fun to watch together.


Mar 22 at 02:11 PM

There are some exclusives that are really good but undeniably Tasha you are the talent! You’ve bought on board some heavy hitters such as Bondy!

I definitely enjoyed the Celina Powel Exclusive and the exclusive with Corey Holcombs Child’s mother.

I’ve also enjoyed the Suki and the Bill exclusive. Bilal’s exclusive was also decent.

You’re always interviewing them which makes to good content and highly entertaining.

Keep going it’s good some of the guest are at times a bore and the subjects they’re talking about aren’t very interesting. Others are excellent and able to keep a diverse audience attention spans.

Keep going lady! You and your team are doing something different wonderful and special.