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Candi B

Feb 23 at 10:41 PM

I don't do tik tok so I had to read Cliff notes about it so it would be GREAT if Tasha brought her on!! 😆

Because Bondy is DOPE and Tasha stamped and approved that shit by giving her a whole segment on her app!!!! If yall don't like her sis just GO cause I fucks with my girl Bondy 😆


Feb 22 at 05:44 PM

Bondy always come thru... Sean was actually good but if William come back I can't watch he so irritating... it's a thumbs down for William👎🏾 and I'm with Bondy on him dick riding too hard as well😂 boy please go somewhere....


Feb 21 at 09:18 AM

Happy birthday sis!!

Man!! Tasha need to bring her self to Vegas or at least to Henderson!!! Who does a show and don't put Vegas/Henderson NV on the list 😆😂

Feb 20 at 09:52 PM

What!!! I'm a tough cookie but I honestly liked this concept I never heard of these three now I went to their channels and to check them out and binge watch they did good ....I say Good Job Tasha!!!


Feb 20 at 09:47 PM

The Smiths must've shut him up. Slapped him scared and straight...

Feb 14 at 04:57 AM

You say this as if Monique and Uncle-Daddy didn't say in their own response and I quote "We need to stop being embarrassed about being human beings.... We need to have these conversations out loud...It's the slave mentality and taboo that we can't talk about it out loud...

He said that so....

What you saying according to THEM is slave mentality NerdyGurl. I said let's have a discussion about it no one said anything about entertainment but you...

They invited everyone to have their opinions and chime in on this topic... Weather it's serious, triggering, or not nothing sad about that. They invited people opinions, thoughts, and feelings so just like Uncle-Daddy said....

speak directly about what situations are....IJS



Feb 14 at 01:20 AM

I should've known Monique was gonna have time to respond to her oldest son pain and experience and "UNCLE DADDY" got so much to say!!! But they never take accountability as the son said just wanna explain and blame to save their own image....They getting on my nerves!!!
Tasha I wanna hear your thoughts on this one....

Feb 13 at 02:08 PM

Mon, Wed,and Fri Live sounds good to me!! I like the consistency knowing when you will actually post the lives so I can show up like I was ready yesterday... Tues and Thursday interviews... I like this but I'm cool with whatever you do as long as you stay consistent.


Feb 13 at 11:34 AM

I'm not the biggest fan of interviews but I do watch certain interviews I have not watched them all but Im here for ALL the live exclusive entertainment I honestly think it can be a little more exclusive for the monthly $$ crew but I look forward to them and I love our interactions with you too.

Oh! And I can't wait for you and Bondy Blue to do a live collab show together...That would be Epic Exclusive!!! We love you tho Tasha!!