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A lot of them 😭

I think you were tryna speak on that “latin” women feel like they will get treated better because some black men have a fetish. So they put them at a higher platform or rank them black women based off seeing that as a status move. I live in Florida see it all the time & got some uncles who tried it. It never works out 😭 they be the craziest ones the moment they feel rejection from a black man because they see themselves as higher than black. I’ve myself nicely let down “Latin” men & they feel someway because they view themselves as higher 🙃

I’m glad you addressed the n word tasha cuz I was like wow. Honestly we gotta stop addressing latinas as they title alone. We gotta hold them accountable by putting “white latina” because that’s what they are, descents of the the slave masters from Spain. I got black Latin family, friends & coworkers that all say the same about how racist they are how they family disown them as racist. My own racist experiences understanding Spanish & them not knowing. Only diff tbh is that the slaves got dropped off at a different port than us that did in America. Mentality is the same, till they get to America where being black seem kinda cool.

I gotta disagree from personal experience & talking to black Latin women. Just because you are in the carribean does not make you black. Slaves were dropped off at ports but their were slave masters & their families as well. As well as Taino (Indigenous) people. So proximation of black ppl does not make you black, your actual genealogy make up does. Being treated & seen as black or mixed with obvious black ancestry makes you black. I traveled to South America even Colombia , grew up with various type of Spanish & took 4 years of Spanish classes etc. y’all do not see y’all selves as black & love to say racist remarks because y’all assume we don’t understand Spanish. It’s always been separation in y’all communities especially with y’all black black latin ppl. It’s just cool to be black in America just like every other race here tries to do when they come here. Fact of the matter in Spain is im Europe & some of y’all are Taino & Spain descent pulling the black card vs African descent.

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Dec 02 at 08:03 PM

Gone be crazy 😭


Nov 23 at 05:46 PM

Wow that read sound like how the men sound when they get rejected 😭 then too bring the babies into it. Arguing & talking shit don’t make u a advocate. You shouldn’t have to insult others to uplift your community.

Jun 01 at 12:24 AM

🥳 u gotta let us know when the episode premieres 😭 imma be tuned in 😂