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Commented on Omg. Trump got shot ya

Jul 13 at 08:44 PM

He planned that shit 😂


Jul 11 at 12:30 PM



Jul 08 at 06:40 PM

Hey Tasha ! I’m new here but love the platform. Please refrain from destroying this young lady-SHE IS TALENTED ! I think that-Yeah you spent money to get her there to conduct an interview, and I know she embelllished a lot of her story-BUT ! this isn’t a negative for either of you, just see the flip side of things and read (hear lol) me out. She has a lot of courage doing what she did. She has a dream, and I feel (with my Pisces Moon) that she was guided toward you for your assistance. The young lady obviously wants to be a reality star, but doesn’t know a lot about how that industry works and you Tasha have the voice of power that can help her get in the door.