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Jul 06 at 11:37 AM



Jul 06 at 11:10 AM

Hey Wino Fam! Don’t forget to check out TK, Couture Bae, Myself and others on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) for post show commentary from time to time. Follow Unwinewithtashak on ‘X’ and set your notifications so you don’t miss when they wake it up with add’l commentary 🍷
Did you catch last night’s after show? Ashley, WilliamDaBaddest, TeaWithTia, and Couture Bae did their thang! If you missed it, don’t worry there is more to come 🍷


Jul 03 at 03:55 PM

Birthday 🥳 Blessings Shawny 💞🎉

Yummy so alright with me 👍🏾🥰


Jul 01 at 07:55 AM

Well said Diamond💎Girl


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Jun 30 at 02:19 PM

It is so good! I make it at least monthly 😊

Jun 26 at 08:36 PM

Most definitely 💯