GA Luvlyeyez

One of the best interviews! I hope she doesn't come up missing.


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Apr 19 at 04:06 PM

Teddy would NEVA! 😂

Eunise Hardy that is not the same. But go off. 🙄


Clarence Freeman when you found out... Or was able? You said you stopped talking to your son for 10 yrs.


Kenetra Bunton it's weird that he didn't want to tell her business before, but now he's spilling the beans! Sorry you had that experience with him. If what he says is true... That she was raped b4 5 yrs old... It explains a lot.


I want to be harsh on Marlene because she does not seem credible... But she has also suffered.

I wish Mr. Freeman would have done more for his son (and daughter) who were having sex with each other.

What medical system didn't intervene with a child having a STD?! Where was DFCS?

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Apr 12 at 07:33 PM

No, she suspects he will be indicated. Her tittles are tricky.

Apr 09 at 01:04 PM

My 1st thought Kevin Hart! 2nd Bobby Brown.