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Jul 13 at 08:57 AM

I'm late to this tea. But, how did the latest kerfuffle start? Not being messy, but I've been offline for a minute and need to catch on all the lives. TIA #winoforlife

Jul 09 at 03:21 PM

Favor Ain't Fair ... that person should go get in a ring with a man, not be out here beefing with natural born women. 


I came away that she is still scared of him and not ready to tell all of the details. If Birdman and Terrance do not really have a relationship, why is his name relevant to the story? #idk


Jun 27 at 03:46 AM

why did she show up? pretty face, but seems kind of ditzy


Jun 16 at 01:23 PM

ty, had my card already to sign up. you know we don't play about Team TK


May 27 at 11:51 AM

just another example of a incompetent, jealous, unoriginal content creator. Meanwhile, TK out here selling out shows, creating her own space and more unimportantly unbothered by the bad imitation of a podcast. #winosnation


May 26 at 06:31 AM

good to see a lot of melonated ppl working the set and equipment

perfect example of "when hoeing gets old" . The next time she sees 44, it will have a one in front of the number. As for the sister, she went all the way to the store for wine that cost less then $10. But, Kia is a baller -- at least in her mind.


I will give it another replay, but she's giving drug addict to me. I don't know him personnally -- at all -- but she doesn't appear his type, petite. The interview gives me, "I need attention." Like its rehearsed.  The lack of eye contact. She makes no sense.


May 19 at 06:13 PM