carol mays

Washington, DC, United States

I will give it another replay, but she's giving drug addict to me. I don't know him personnally -- at all -- but she doesn't appear his type, petite. The interview gives me, "I need attention." Like its rehearsed.  The lack of eye contact. She makes no sense.



May 24 at 01:00 PM

Atty Tyrone Blackburn determined to take all of Diiddy's coins whether the case is real or not.


May 20 at 02:59 PM

TK, they just put the cuffs on Bishop Whitehead. He's been remanded to federal prison to begin his "prison ministry" a little early for intimidating victims.

May 19 at 06:13 PM




May 19 at 12:57 PM

apology not accepted sir ... in the words of Celie, ""Until you do right by me, everything you think about is going to crumble."


she looks high which would explain the lapse of memory w/the details



May 17 at 03:31 PM

The disturbing video CNN posted on Diddy assaulting Cassie is very triggering. Back in the day, he wanted to come after TK. Now, let's see if he sue CNN and the Inter-Continental. #DidTKLie


May 01 at 08:28 PM

love the cussin pastor; he's real; TK, I think you should wait until the divorce is final, especially if there could be repercussions with the wife's job. we can wait.


Windy is the only on that show, outside of Karen that has multiple incomes.