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Candid by Teneice

Feb 29 at 03:56 PM

Happy Birthday..!!



Feb 29 at 02:32 PM

When you have homework because your kids got homework….😩 ….. “Take a break when? How? “ 🐝

Feb 29 at 02:21 PM

I said the same thing. I’m happy they shined the light on how she is being essentially abused.


Feb 29 at 01:11 AM


Wendy Williams documentary had me like 🚩🚩😤. 💔

Feb 27 at 07:59 AM


Damn…! Wendy was a worker bee but “hard liquor” everyday is a NO. At least she still contributed to society and wasn’t a lazy alcoholic 😩 mooching off the system or begging.

Baby she does live in denial😩.


Feb 27 at 05:35 AM

\\\\\Shout out to the people that enjoys learning, working, and never beg for handouts. This one is for you guy. The people that WORK….\\\\\\*
People say so much about TK. Before the lawsuit, she never begged for money. During the lawsuit, she still never begged for money. After the lawsuit, she never begged for money. We begged her, pleaded with her to start a GoFundMe, and she refused! The day ones, the ride or die, were so happy when she got the app because finally, we could fund something! If there were a two-year payment option, I would have done it tenfold. Why? Because she is a pathfinder, a learner, a worker, and she elevates others. So few people find joy in new things (challenges/venture/diffculties/etc.), learn lessons, apply them, and *work at getting better(key statement she triessssss to get better, that is the difference). Learning and working are fun, rewarding, and fulfilling (IMO). And so few people understand the assignment; it doesn’t stop until you are dead.
Anyways, let’s keep giving TK her flowers while she is alive. A Legit Modern-Day Renaissance Woman. In fact, shout out to all the modern-day Renaissance Women!
Love you worker bees. WINO GANG. 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷Gang-gang-gang-gang……..!!!!!

Feb 26 at 09:01 PM

I put it on 1.5-2.0 speed. It was a lot…..

you may like it. I was shocked my attention was held sooooo long with 1 story. It was a good story, girl.

Feb 26 at 08:59 PM

I heard. I was like whhhhhaaaatttt. You heard one of the exgirlfriend came out too. I’m like the dustiness.

Feb 26 at 07:18 PM

But it was worth it. Best Storytime in a long while.

Feb 26 at 05:19 PM

Watching it during downtime this weekend. I heard it was sad. She worked sooooooo hard and lost sooooo much.

I’m praying for her sobriety. Today’s Alcohol wasn’t meant for everyday consumption. I can’t even imagine her liver right now.