Candid by Teneice


Jul 24 at 03:09 AM

TashaK Got Friends …..🍷🥂 I’m happy to see it.
TLC- What About Your Friends…❤️ -
“Every now and then I get a little crazy
That's not the way it's supposed to be
Sometimes my vision is a little hazy
I can't tell who I should trust
Or just who I let trust me, yeah
People try to say I act a little funny
But that's just a figure of speech to me
They tell me I changed because I got money
But if you were there before
Then you're still down with me
What about your friends?
Will they stand their ground?
Will they let you down? hey yay
What about your friends?
Are they gonna be low down?
Will they ever be around?
Or will they turn their backs on you?
Well is it me or can it be
I'm a little too friendly
So to speak hypothetically say
I supply creativity
To what others must take as
A form of self-hate
Only to make an enemy
Which results in unfortunate destiny
They dog me out then be next to me
Just 'cause I am what some choose to envy..”

**** Like the whole song lyrics……. !!! ***
This has been an amazing journey. Keep uplifting TashaK, she is special.
Wino- Gang-Gang 🍷🥂

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Jul 21 at 09:32 AM

Me too….!!!



Jul 21 at 08:51 AM


Leos……..Lions…..Hunters…Fire Babies……..🔥
Leo Season ON DECK…..! 🥳
My birthday is next week….! Celebrate with me. East Coast Baby Vibing The West Coast Swag.🍷 We see you West Side….
\\\\\\\ We Outside**


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Jul 20 at 04:19 PM


Work hard so they can live their best life.
It’s never about you.
And those who understand knows, “we can’t take it with us in death.”
Work hard to play it forward.
Next Gen on DECK….aaaayyyeeeee💃🏽🍷
And with our black and brown next gen no one can fix their mouth and tell them they are at a disadvantage, they can’t, you’re not allowed…… breaking all slave and disadvantaged mindset. Bitch, our heros and parents walked so we can have an equal chance to run shit…! WE LIT…!!!!🔥
—— Candid By Teneice
Go outside and touch the grass. 🥂🍻

Jul 15 at 10:11 PM

Kmarie Pitts it was bad and people are taking literal notes. Transcripts and all. I don’t think TS really grasp how bad it can get for her if she doesn’t apologize. And what I wrote was tamed parts of the 2 min total rant.

Jul 15 at 10:06 PM

She was trying to read TK but ended up talking about TK’s mom allowed her to be assaulted because she was on drugs. It was pretty bad and someone drilled it down to each time she brought up TK being molested as a joke. Ended up being 2 mins total of her saying….

Quote: “if I were a real woman and my mother was so addicted to sucking the glass dick that she let a nigga come in there and fuck me…”

“Damn, I hope your pussy better. ….. Cause your mama let that fucking man get on you while she was smoking crack…”

“Bitch, let the nigga ever on top of you and fuck you while she was smoking….

“You needed your mama not to let that man get on top of you and fuck you in your funky ass pussy…..

***** Mind you she is reference TK as a 5 year old. And this is the lighter notes. She spoke about him putting his finger in her and fucking her…. It was sick…. TS was clearly on demon time….

Jul 14 at 07:15 PM

I’m sorry but everytime TS posts I’m commenting did you appologize to the public….😩 I never watched her and most likely I will be blocked but who cares… I’m protesting that “SO CALLED” public figure…. Tagging everyone and Beyoncé crew. She needs to apologize and if she doesn’t take note of her fans… don’t leave them around your kids… period.

Jul 14 at 06:17 PM

That’s not even funny… I get it but still he as once our president. Regardless of how we feel, our president elect was still a president elect. 😕 I don’t know maybe I look at leaders different.