Terrie W.

Mar 14 at 08:20 PM

Happy Birthday, Boo!!



Feb 28 at 04:05 PM

I got my tickets to the Raleigh,NC show. My daughter bought them. I told her if she didn’t buy me tickets I would disown her. I guess my bluff worked.

Jan 02 at 08:18 PM

I was thinking the same too. Do we get a discount? I signed up for the hot topics. Not interested in the movies.


Sonya up and moved from Florida to Atlanta to help nesto. This wasn’t mentioned in the interview. I wish Tashak had brought that up. Apparently she didn’t have much of a career or life to do that for Nesto who is broke as hell. Co siderinf her list of relationships she knows how to pick losers. Something is wrong with her.


This is why u don’t mess with married men. They be putting u thru an emotional roller coaster. He is not leaving Candice because she is the main breadwinner in the family and Chris is addicted to the fame. He’s not going anywhere. Nobody is holding Chris hostage. He can leave if he wants to.

Where is the d@@k pic? Enquiring eyes want to see. 😂


Tasha u keep bringing these people on that aren’t wrapped too tight. All they need is a little medication. The woman who popped bishop jones wife and now chef pii. There is nobody following chef pii over no pink sauce. If she invented the iPhone, probably.


I’m skeptical. He’s not a gyn doctor. This reminds me of people selling these juices claiming it cures cancer and diabetes. If that’s the case, every reputable doctors would recommend folks drink it. Let’s use our common sense. Tina Turner regretted not taking real medicine to control her hypertension, etc. instead of relying on the wholelistic lifestyle. It exacerbated her situation until it was too late.

Replied on Mo showing tf out!!

May 24 at 07:16 PM

Bullying somebody into dieting never works.