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Being Beautifully Honest

This was amazing 🤩 #replay


Listen this 🍷 about Jay and Megan ther 🐎 wouldn’t surprise me not one bit! As soon as I heard about Roc nation stepping into her career I was like yeah he’s ’managing’ her alright 🤨


Yes Tasha said it first that Wendy had dementia and holes in her brain. It would be great for you to play that clip from when you said it first and put the dates on it 🍷


Only a guilty 🥷 would say he can’t judge Diddy. Floyd is trash 🗑️


I really would love for you to interview Corey Holcomb daughter! 🍷 he’s a bitter old simp.


Girl you and me on the same page! 📃



Feb 21 at 08:27 PM

How much is he getting paid to windmill for this prophetic booty snatcher LR? Oh the comments are hilarious 😂 Tried to smear Tasha’s and last year when TK exposed LR and here we go again. … Didn’t work before and it’s even worse now. 🤦‍♀️

Feb 21 at 08:23 PM

Been doing the Lords work. 🙌 I know you’re feeling vindicated ✅🙏


Feb 19 at 06:40 PM

Tasha!! Eric B and Rakim song “I Ain’t No Joke” needs to be your theme song!

🎶 I ain’t no joke

I used to let the 🎤 smoke

now I slam it and jam it make sure it’s broke🎶

Keep spilling all this wine 🍷 🍷🍷🥂🥂🥂